Diagnostic Services

All of our diagnostic services are easily performed in the comfort of your barn aisle. We provide stall-side diagnostics at the highest available quality, including lameness examinations, prepurchase examinations, and routine performance evaluations.

Lameness Exams

Routine evaluation of your performance horse can help catch problems before they develop into career-ending injuries.  Early detection is the key to longevity.  Dr. Guardia performs thorough soundness examinations on performance horses of all disciplines and breeds to ensure they maintain their highest potential for health and soundness.

Prepurchase Exams (PPEs):

When buying a horse, no matter what your budget or desired level of riding you are aiming for, a prepurchase exam can save you significant money in the long run.  A prepurchase examination is a thorough evaluation of the horse’s health, soundness, suitability for the desired sport, as well as suitability for the buyer’s needs.  A PPE in our practice is a combination of a standing musculoskeletal exam, a soundness exam, an ophthalmic exam, and an oral exam.  The PPE often proceeds to a radiographic evaluation and can include ultrasound and upper airway imaging if warranted.  We also have the capability to perform routinely requested lab tests such as CBCs, chemistry panels, Coggins tests, and PPE drug screening.  Dr. Guardia likens a prepurchase exam like a home inspection before you buy a home.  You know no home is perfect, and no horse will be perfect.  The PPE is there to give you an idea of what issues might be present and what upkeep the horse might need to maintain soundness and health.  We try to help facilitate a sale with the best interest of the horse and buyer in mind.


We provide digital and wireless technology to provide the highest-quality radiographic images for diagnostic purposes.  From prepurchase exams to lameness diagnoses, radiographic imagery is invaluable.  Farrier consultation for performance horses is also a vital tool we use to help guide the team of caretakers in the best possible direction to support the equine athlete.  As an equine sports medicine veterinarian, Dr. Guardia teams with the farrier, trainer, and owner to help determine the ideal shoeing adjustments to provide the best comfort for the performance horse.


Dr. Guardia is in the process of obtaining International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) Certification.  This certification focuses on detailed, precise ultrasound examination and diagnosis of equine lamenesses. Because of this attention to detail and specificity, ultrasound examination leads to more specific rehabilitation plans and prognoses for return to work.  Dr. Guardia is committed to providing the highest level of diagnostics and services to her patients.

Upper-Airway Endoscopy

Often, subtle performance issues can be related to airway function.  Early diagnosis and intervention can significantly improve the horse’s quality of life, as well as potentially extend their athletic career.  Upper-airway endoscopy is a wonderful, non-invasive stall-side tool that can help identify abnormalities before they cause significant decline in performance.