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Wrap It Up: Bandaging

By October 10, 2016Blog

Horse BandagingHow tight do I wrap this leg? Is that too tight? How high should I wrap? Is that going to stay on?

We’ve all been there. Bandaging correctly takes practice and can be really intimidating.  If there is a wound or a swollen area, it can be even more challenging. Horses are not made like stick figures, so providing even pressure when bandaging can be tricky.  A recent study was published on The Horse discussing the differences in pressure obtained by a pressure bandage versus a standing wrap (or no-bow bandage). Although these horses were clinically normal when bandaged, wrapping when wounds are involved takes even more finesse. Here is a great link to a video describing basic bandaging for a hind distal limb. Keep an eye out for future videos where Dr. Guardia demonstrates stack wraps, hock bandages, and other types of common wrapping techniques.

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